The challenge

During the Adobe live-streams held on the 15th Feb 2018, we 
were challenged to design a “Navigation UI” with at least 3 
art boards, using the free template provided.

Style Guide

Since FeastFinder is a concept eatery finder and booking app, 
I wanted the styling of the app to be minimal, with limited 
colours, to enhance the food photography used in the app.


In FeastFinder the primary / default action is the “search”, which 
enables you to quickly view all the eateries near you, together 
with the ability to switch between “map” and “list views”. The 
secondary action is the ability to search for specific eateries.


Each of the eateries listed on the app appears as either a pin on 
the map view, or as a card in the list view. Clicking on either the 
pin or card would allow the user to view additional information 
regarding the eatery, as well as the ability to book a table.


FeastFinder streamlines the entire process of finding an 
available eatery and booking a table. It even shows you the 
fastest route to your chosen eatery once booked, and gives the 
user the ability to easily cancel the booking if necessary.

Interactive prototype

Experience the ease of finding and booking through FeastFinder. 
Simply clicking through the interactive prototype below. 

*If you don’t know where to click, then simply click anywhere on the screen and look for the trigger areas 
that light up in blue.

Watch the streams

Be sure to check out the Live UX Design with Claude Piché
and the Live UX Design with Jeannie Huang Adobe Live 
streams if you want to see earlier versions of this design.

Thanks for watching!

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