UTOPIA  |  AdobeLive UX Design Winner
Create an interactive prototype using the theme of “Activities on Utopia”, and be sure to use the “Brother 1816” typeface, that is available on TypeKit, along with the provided color palette.

NOTE: If you don't know where to click on the above prototype, then 
please click anywhere on the screen and look for the blue highlights.

----    R E L I V E  T H E  W I N N I N G  M O M E N T    ----

Watch Matt D. Smith and Paul Trani go through the "Top 5" designs in the video below at "1:52:16" into the video. 
Or simply skip ahead to "1:54:26" if you just want to them announce the AdobeLive winner.

Special thanks to Matt D. Smith, Paul Trani, and everyone on the AdobeLive team for my amazing prize!

T   H   A   N   K   S     F   O   R     W   A   T   C   H   I   N   G

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